產品須知 Information

● 圖檔提供須知 ●




   接受圖片檔(pdf.png.jpg) 或原檔(ai.psd.cdr)


































Drawing provided notice

1.CMYK printing color

   Please use the CMYK color drawing color mode to avoid color output gap too big.

2. File Format

    Accept image files (pdf.png.jpg) or original file (ai.psd.cdr)

3. Drawing Country Notes

    The production of artwork, please set the CMYK color mode, size setting of the original output size, resolution setting 200-300dpi, avoid drawing

    fuzzy unclear. Provide ai file, note the text-to-frame image is embedded.

4. Output size and display size

    The production of artwork, please follow the box output size 1: 1 size (conventional product, please refer to the official website) is set, and note

    the display size (ie, the output size slides into the box after viewing area), to avoid the pattern is too close to the sides of the font, result will be blocked

    after box into the sides of the aluminum frame.

5. Image Size Matters

    Follow the output size and the display size for setting, as irregularities lead to typographical errors, I am afraid we are unable to compensate! The

    company inspection arrangements output file size, is not responsible for the content of proofreading and resizing, set your own good avoid output wrong!

6. Color screen and finished output

    RGB color screen presents colors, each computer screen are different colors, prints only print CMYK color, RGB color can not be printed. Therefore, in

    the production of records, be sure to use the CMYK color mode, and use the ticket printing color palette, not to be judged visually screen color and 

    process color, color printing products to avoid discrepancies with the desired color.

7. File Upload

    If the drawing is less than 25MB, it can be provided directly to the letter drawing. If the file exceeds 25MB, please provide a link to download their own

    drawing, or by letter upload space, will provide space for uploading. Drawing please sent

8. light film output delivery

    Drawing provides records before 15:00 the day, the fastest in the afternoon the next day desirability pieces, for about 1-2 days (excluding holidays).

Product Price note

1. Special offer

    The company lightbox according to customer provide customized size, customized according to size have different price, please call or write

    ( asked. As shall open commission code please inform in advance. Please signd on the price list and return while


    The lightbox price does not come with all the other accessories (such as: foot, slides, holder ......), if demand please ask additional quote.

2. Order delivery date

    The delivery date will depending on the size of orders booked, at least seven days to complete the production (excluding holidays), the number of

    days transported separately. The customer who buy our product at the first time must pay in advance the factory will start to produce. After payment

    please call or write to complete the payment notice.

3. Delivery

    All the product will send by shipping, the fastest arrived the next day, delivery time as possible with the actual time to the shipping company and

    distribution as a reference (do not claim a bit when served). If the goods are large items, please self-created, or otherwise distribution. Please

    indicate the delivery address Information quotations.

4. The distribution of freight

     All products offer excluding freight and goods to charge the freight.

5. Document delivery method

    Products are sent with the goods attached documents, if shipping documents and the product must be sent separately, please otherwise stated in

    the quotation in order to facilitate job.

    Please realized all our production process and related specifications after order, and agree to serve as future attribution determination.


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